Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2019

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You can call it the new oil, or even the new electricity, but however it is described, it’s clear that data is now recognized as an essential fuel flowing through organizations and enabling never before seen opportunities. However, data cannot simply be collected; it must be handled with care in order to fulfill the promise of faster, smarter decision making.

More than ever, it is critical to have the right tools for the job. Leading IT vendors are coming forward to help customers address the data-driven possibilities by improving self-service access, real-time insights, governance and security, collaboration, high availability, and more.

To help showcase these innovative products and services each year, Database Trends and Applications magazine looks for offerings that promise to help organizations derive greater benefit from their data, make decisions faster, and work smarter and more securely.

This year our list includes newer approaches leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation as well as products in more established categories such as relational and NoSQL database management, MultiValue, performance management, analytics, and data governance.

On the following pages, we present DBTA’s list of Trend-Setting Products for 2019. We encourage you to continue your exploration by visiting the companies’ websites for additional information.

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In addition, in this issue, we include “Product Spotlight” articles penned by company executives with explanations of what makes these products unique.

Company Product  Product Spotlight
ActianActian Zen Core database for Android 
ALTRALTR Data Security Platform 
Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Aurora Serverless 
Arcadia DataArcadia Enterprise  
AttivioAttivio Cognitive Search and Insight Platfor 
AttunityAttunity Replicate 
BackOffice AssociatesInformation Governance CloudSpotlight
BlueDataBlueData EPIC 
Blue MedoraBindPlane 
BradmarkTechnologiesSurveillance DBSpotlight
Cambridge SemanticsAnzoGraphSpotlight
CazenaCazena’s Data Lake as a Service 
Cisco SystemsCisco Unified Computing System (UCS) 
ClearDBClearDB’s MySQL Database-as-a-Service 
ClouderaCloudera Data Science Workbench 
CognitiveScaleCortex5 software 
CouchbaseCouchbase Server 
Data DynamicsStorageX Dynamic File Management 
DatabricksDatabricks’ Unified Analytics Platform 
DataStaxDataStax Enterprise 
DatavailDatavail Managed Services Spotlight
DatawatchDatawatch AngossSpotlight
DBI SoftwarepureFeat V7 Performance Management Suite for IBM Db2 LUW 
Dell EMCDell EMC PowerEdge MX 
DelphixDelphix Dynamic Data PlatformSpotlight
DenodoDenodo PlatformSpotlight
DiamantiDiamanti’s D10 bare-metal container platform 
DremioDremio Data-as-a-Service Platform 
Empolis Information ManagementEmpolis Service ExpressSpotlight
erwinerwin EDGE platformSpotlight
FranzAllegroGraph Spotlight
GoogleCloud SQL Spotlight
GridGain SystemsGridGain In-Memory Computing Platform 
Hewlett Packard Enteprise (HPE)HPE Digital Prescriptive Maintenance Services 
HVRHVR Platform 
IBMIBM Cloud Private 
IDERASQL Diagnostic Manager 
ImanisDataImanis Data Management Platform 
InfluxDataInfluxData PlatformSpotlight
InformaticaInformatica Intelligent Data Lake Management 
Information BuildersWebFOCUS 
Innovative Routines International (IRI)IRI DarkShield 
Kore TechnologiesKourier IntegratorSpotlight
Looker Data SciencesLooker Platform 
MapR TechnologiesMapR Converged Data Platform 
MariaDBMariaDB TX 
MelissaData Quality Components for TalendSpotlight
MongoDBMongoDB Atlas  
NuxeoNuxeo Platform  
OpenTextOpenText Legal Center 
OracleOracle Autonomous Database Cloud  
PaxataAdaptive Information 
PerconaPercona Monitoring and ManagementSpotlight
PremiumSoft CyberTechNavicat Premium Spotlight
ProgressProgress OpenEdge  
Pure StoragePure Storage FlashBlade  
PythianPythian Kick Analytics-as-a-ServiceSpotlight
QuboleQubole Data Service  
Quest SoftwareSharePlex 
Red Hat Ansible Automation 
Redis LabsRedis EnterpriseSpotlight
RedPoint GlobalRedPoint Customer Engagement Hub Spotlight
Revelation SoftwareOpenInsight 10Spotlight
Robin SystemsROBIN Hyper Converged Kubernetes PlatformSpotlight
Rocket SoftwareUniVerseSpotlight
SAS InstituteViya 
Software Diversified Services (SDS)IronSphere 
Search & Content Analytics (SCA)Data Lake Solutions  
SentryOneSQL Sentry for SQL Server  
SinequaCognitive Search & Analytics Platform 
SnapLogicSnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud 
SnowflakeSnowflake Data Warehouse  
SolarWindsDatabase Performance Analyzer  
Southbank SoftwaredbKoda 
SplunkSplunk Enterprise 
SQreamSQream DB  
Tableau SoftwareTableau 
TeradataTeradata Vantag 
TigerGraphTigerGraph Spotlight
TrifactaTrifacta Wrangler 
VerticaVertica Analytics Platform  
VMwareVMware Cloud Foundation 
WhereScapeWhereScape Automation  
ZaloniZaloni Data Lake Management Platform 
ZoomdataHadoop Big Data Visualization 

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