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Preview the agenda for the first SHARE® event of its 60th anniversary year! With 500+ technical sessions, SHARE in Seattle is the place to access the latest industry news and education.

Posted December 08, 2014

General Manager for IBM System z Ross A. Mauri has been selected as the Monday keynote speaker during SHARE® in Seattle, March 1-6, 2015. For his keynote address, Mauri will discuss the arrival of a new generation of the IBM mainframe.

Posted November 24, 2014

Stay up-to-speed on the latest enterprise IT hot topics and join one of the most influential independent associations in the industry for SHARE® in Seattle, March 1-6, 2015. The event will feature a keynote presentation from the "Solider of FORTRAN" Philip Young (Visa Inc.) and over 500 technical sessions on hot topics.

Posted November 10, 2014

Miss out on SHARE® in Pittsburgh this summer? Get caught up with SHARE's latest blog post featuring key takeaways from security keynote Robert Andrews, co-founder and chief information security officer for Mainstream Security.

Posted October 27, 2014

It is no secret that companies are embracing analytics as one of the key drivers of future growth. During the Global Technology Outlook at SHARE® in Pittsburgh this August, IBM Watson's Donna Dillenberger further noted that new mainframe technologies are enabling organizations to harness increasingly meaningful results from data gathered from disparate sources.

Posted October 13, 2014

During his SHARE in Pittsburgh presentation, Bryan Foley, IBM program director for System z strategy and Linux business line manager, noted the answer to this burning question: the mainframe."It's the ultimate virtualized system," said Foley. "You can throw all of your workload in, and it runs better as you do that."

Posted September 29, 2014

If cars evolved at the rate of IT, they'd get 1 billion miles per gallon by 2020. That's the power of the innovation the mainframe delivers, said IBM's Chief Innovation Officer Bernie Meyerson during his keynote address at SHARE in Pittsburgh.

Posted September 15, 2014

Share your opinions, experiences, lessons learned and fresh approaches as a speaker at SHARE in Seattle, March 1-6, 2015. Whether a first-time submitter or seasoned presenter, we welcome you to take part in this leading enterprise technology event. The deadline to submit is Friday, October 24.

Posted September 02, 2014

Share your opinions, experiences, lessons learned and fresh approaches as a speaker at SHARE in Seattle, March 1-6, 2015. Whether a first-time submitter or seasoned presenter, we welcome you to take part in this leading enterprise technology event. The deadline to submit is Friday, October 24.

Posted August 18, 2014

Banks have a message for recent grads with IT degrees - we want you. Find out why in the recent SHARE blog post.

Posted August 04, 2014

You wanted more advanced z/OS content, and we listened. SHARE in Pittsburgh, August 3-8 is offering a variety of user and hands-on sessions for advanced enterprise IT professionals.

Posted July 21, 2014

SHARE in Pittsburgh combines user-driven technical sessions, insights from experts, access to industry leaders and IBM executives, and product highlights. With 500+ compelling technical content sessions across the hottest topics, attendees can choose from a variety of user-focused and hands-on labs.

Posted July 07, 2014

While much has been (inaccurately) written about the mainframe's demise, the real crisis is around the prevalence of skilled developers who will understand how to work on it in the future, said Compuware's Ian Clarke in a recent Q&A with TechRadar Pro.

Posted June 23, 2014

It's more than just a passing fad when nearly three-quarters of mainframe users are considering or in the midst of big data projects.

Posted June 09, 2014

A recent SHARE blog post based on research from Computer Business Review (CBR) outlined five reasons why the mainframe's future is looking bright. Take a look at several reasons why the mainframe is designed for the long haul.

Posted May 27, 2014

A recent SHARE blog post discussed the mainframe's role in last week's Mad Men episode where it introduced an IBM System/360 computer to the office of Sterling Cooper & Partners.

Posted May 12, 2014

Janet L. Sun, Immediate Past President, SHARE Inc. attended this month's IBM Mainframe50 event Check out the recap, "Can We Talk? Over 50 Years of Dialog," a reflection on the presentation and the user group's influence on the mainframe's past and future.

Posted April 28, 2014

As we mark the 50th anniversary of the IBM mainframe, our next SHARE host city, Pittsburgh, also commemorates a few noteworthy milestones. Milestones like celebrating 50 years of the innovative Pennsylvania Ballet and 50 years of its public transit agency, Port Authority of Allegheny County.

Posted April 14, 2014

SHARE in Anaheim wasn't the only exciting System z event to kick-off Monday. The date also marked the launch of IBM's Master the Mainframe World Championship, an enterprise computing competition among 43 students from 23 countries across the globe.

Posted March 31, 2014

More than 1,000 people are expected to partake in more than 500 technical sessions across 20 tracks of content at SHARE in Anaheim next week.

Posted March 03, 2014

Browse the upcoming complimentary webcasts from SHARE and attend as many as your schedule allows based on what content is most relevant to your job role.

Posted February 03, 2014

In only a few months the mainframe becomes 50 years old. In a new SHARE blog post, Joe Clabby, President, Clabby Analytics, reflects on the upcoming milestone.

Posted January 21, 2014

Improving customer experience - That was the top response from IT and business leaders worldwide in a recently released Gartner survey. Customer experience is on the radar of the 64 percent of Gartner respondents investing or planning to invest in Big Data technology this year (less than 8 percent said they have deployed already).

Posted January 06, 2014

The full session lineup for SHARE in Anaheim, held March 9-14, 2014, is now live online.

Posted December 09, 2013

The SHARE Academic Award for Excellence offers students the opportunity to submit an academic-related enterprise IT project that adds value to an organization's overall goals and missions. SHARE acknowledges a younger generation of talent as being pivotal to the future of enterprise computing.

Posted November 25, 2013

Pat Toole, General Manager, System z, Systems and Technology Group at IBM Corporation, has been announced as a Keynote Speaker for SHARE in Anaheim, March 9-14, 2014. Toole will discuss how System z has transformed over the past 50 years, as well as present new ground-breaking innovations on the product's horizon in the near future.

Posted November 11, 2013

A key to your participation in SHARE is buy-in from your leadership. Show them the value of attending SHARE - invite them to join you in Anaheim and participate in an exclusive forum just for IT leaders!

Posted October 28, 2013

Registration is now open for SHARE in Anaheim, March 9-14, 2014. Join us for over 500 user-focused sessions, networking opportunities and hardware and software highlights. Be sure to register before January 31, 2014 for maximum savings.

Posted October 28, 2013

The mainframe continues to thrive even as new computing trends such as Big Data and cloud take hold. Mainframe experts ponder the perception and future of the mainframe.

Posted October 14, 2013

We all know that one of cloud computing's most attractive attributes is flexibility, which some people may not associate with the mainframe. But those people are not mainframers. The mainframe actually does provide all the benefits of cloud computing - and the virtualization that provides the cloud's underpinnings. Pedro Pereira explores why the mainframe is a good investment for environments that demand flexibility in the most recent blog post on the SHARE President's Corner.

Posted September 30, 2013

Technical sessions are the "heart and soul" of SHARE events. Whether you were able to attend SHARE in Boston last month or not, read about a few key takeaways from some of the most widely-attended sessions from the event in the latest President's Corner blog post SHARE in Boston 2013 Journal: Tales from the Sessions.

Posted September 16, 2013

Join SHARE on Thursday, August 29, 11:00 a.m. ET for a complimentary webcast, New Mainframe Monitoring Capability with the OMEGAMON V5.1 Family, and hear about new features and functionality in the Tivoli OMEGAMON family to support increased demands around mobile, cloud and big data. This webcast will cover recently announced OMEGAMON capabilities across z/OS, Mainframe Networks, storage and z/VM. IBM's continued focus on integrating Service Management capabilities for improved productivity and availability across the enterprise will also be discussed.

Posted August 05, 2013

Just about every company with a DBMS has that binder full of corporate and/or IT standards. That one over there in the corner with the cobwebs on it - the one that you only use when you need an excuse to avoid work. Okay, well, maybe it's not quite that bad. Your standards documents could be on the company intranet or some other online mechanism (but chances are there will be virtual cobwebs on your online standards manuals, too).

Posted August 05, 2013

SHARE spotlights its latest article, "Mainframe Security? It's About the Processes," highlighting Mainframe security both historically and as it functions today. With an ever-changing technological world, there is no doubt the mainframe has had to adjust to stay current with today's demands. Although it is an open discussion on whether or not the mainframe is actually hackable, people have strong opinions on either side.

Posted July 22, 2013

Erika Morphy shares educated opinions on mobile devices and their security in companies today: In a world of ever changing technology, and our society's constant need to be connected with a mobile device, companies are more and more frequently running into issues around personal vs company distributed devices. The majority of companies today take the BYOD approach in which employees provide their own device for work and personal use. Although this is a positive for employees since they only need to keep track of one phone, it can be a challenge for IT and device security due to the multitude of phone and service providers.

Posted June 24, 2013

SHARE is pleased to announce that the technical session schedule for SHARE in Boston is now available. Explore the line-up of user-focused technical sessions including a number of hands-on labs.

Posted June 10, 2013

Janet L. Sun, Immediate Past President, SHARE Inc. continues her discussion from Part 1 and Part 2 and answers the question "what do you lose by moving off the mainframe?"

Posted May 28, 2013

Janet L. Sun, Immediate Past President, SHARE Inc. discusses and refutes myths about mainframes.

Posted May 13, 2013

Doug Balog, IBM General Manager for System z reflects on his SHARE in San Francisco experience and answers questions from SHARE's social media community.

Posted April 29, 2013

Having served as SHARE's president in the mid-90s, Anne Caluori has become a well-established leader and veteran consultant in today's workforce. With an advanced degree in organizational development and through her experiences in the industry, Caluori has developed a unique perspective on the crisscrossing generations in today's society. She has experienced numerous working environments and coworkers from all different generations. In a recent Q&A with the President's Corner, she shared her perspective on the wide array of generations in the workforce.

Posted April 01, 2013

How will the growth and adoption of mobile devices affect the future of IT and organization management?How will the growth and adoption of mobile devices affect the future of IT and organization management? In a world where everyone seems to be focused on a mobile device, it is necessary to look at where we are now and forecast how the use of devices will impact the future. Staying up-to-date with industry and member needs, SHARE and GUIDE SHARE EUROPE recently conducted a survey on Mobile Computing. Mobile devices, which include BYOD, corporate-provided smart phones and media tablets are all primary communication distributors and providers. There are many issues that have made it challenging for IT to provide the best security, management and access to information.

Posted March 18, 2013

SHARE in San Francisco kicked off yesterday and will continue through Friday. If you were not able to travel to the event, you can still be a part of the audience with SHARE Live!, the virtual event option.

Posted February 04, 2013

At SHARE in San Francisco, February 3-8, 2013 attendees will discuss, analyze and review today's hottest enterprise IT topics including Cloud, Managing Mobile Devices, Virtualization, Big Data - Big Analytics - Big Needs and everything you want to know about zEC12, HMC, System z, Linux on System z, z/VM, z/OS and zEnterprise!

Posted January 22, 2013

In our industry, the paradigm is shifting from companies having complete control of information to not having a choice about surrendering access to just about any user-owned and managed device. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is causing a stir with mainframers.

Posted December 10, 2012

IT users and industry experts will present on today's most pressing enterprise technology topics at SHARE in San Francisco, February 3-8, 2013. The full session schedule is now available for you to explore the line-up of user-focused technical sessions.

Posted November 26, 2012

IBM recently introduced the System zEC12 - a model that offers 25% more computing power than its predecessor thanks to big improvements to the z processor, in cache, in the processor nest and also due to new instructions. Enterprise IT professionals, however, should look beyond the usual speeds/feeds/capacity improvements to the new System z, and should instead consider the message that IBM is sending with the improvements to the processor and related on-board cache. What IBM is trying to do is shift the mainframe conversation away from a discussion of technologies into a discussion about workload processing.

Posted November 12, 2012

Cloud and mobile are becoming intertwined in the computing environment. As a result, a greater reliance on the mainframe to manage both is growing. For that reason, new tools and product lines, such as the zEnterprise EC12, are being developed with an eye to managing both. Reviewers of zEC12 were impressed by many of its characteristics such as the better CPU performance, faster query function and its sophisticated data warehouse and analytics. All the better, according to IT analyst firm Ptak, Noel & Associates, to speed up "cloud deployment of mission critical workloads."

Posted October 29, 2012

Join SHARE and IBM at 10:00 a.m. CDT on Thursday, November 8 for a complimentary webcast and learn how the latest innovations for CICS Transaction Server will help you deliver a smarter and more agile transaction processing experience to your business users. Speakers Fraser Bohm, Lead CICS Developer, IBM Software Group and Andrew Bates, CICS Product Line Manager, IBM Software Group will show how you can benefit from major enhancements such as Cloud-style CICS applications and infrastructure through Platform-as-a-Service, policy-based management, a new Web container and advancements in performance and scalability. This webcast, featuring CICS Transaction Server for z/OS® V5.1, will introduce exciting new capabilities and innovation throughout the CICS portfolio that will truly help shape the future of critical information systems on System z®.

Posted October 15, 2012

Did you know SHARE Select members receive exclusive access to valuable content from SHARE's biannual events? SHARE in Anaheim, August 5-10, addressed some of today's most pressing enterprise technology topics, including big data, cloud in the enterprise, data center modernization, application development, virtualization and much more. New content from SHARE in Anaheim is now available virtually to SHARE Select members.

Posted October 01, 2012