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Delphix is happy to be included in the DBTA 100. We believe that agile data is already transforming how our customers view database and application management. Enterprise applications must constantly evolve to meet changing business demands, triggering expensive projects that are often over budget and behind schedule. Today, many applications have to be migrated into new data centers, private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, onto SSDs, etc. adding more complexity and fragmentation to application portfolios.

The success of major IT trends including Big Data, Cloud and Social Media depends on high quality customer data. One crucial part of every data quality strategy is address validation. AddressDoctor significantly improves your global address quality in order to reduce costs, increase productivity and streamline your business processes. Our address validation software automatically corrects and standardizes postal addresses worldwide—no matter if your data is captured in a CRM or online shop, or stored in a database.

Today's on-the-go workforce is driving us all to connect more data to more people on more devices. And there's no shortage of "newer and better" ways to help you do that. But despite the persistent buzz about emerging technologies, keep this simple principle in mind: The fastest way to get results is to build on what you have.

Over the past year it has been great to see the "Big Data" moniker lose some of its glamour as a catch-all phrase. Fortunately, Hadoop's role is now well understood for processing massive amount of old data for analytics for use cases, which are not sensitive to latency. But, increasing numbers of companies are building new applications that are driving real competitive advantage and disrupting established markets—on the Web, over mobile, or in the Cloud—generating massive amounts of "Big Data." In these new cases, latency matters.

At CA Technologies, we've been supporting data management professionals for over twenty years with our CA ERwin® data modeling products, and we feel privileged to have been an active part of the rapid transformation in the field of data management during this time. One of the more exciting changes I've seen is the increased interest and participation from the business side of customer organizations.

Clustrix is the leading scale-out SQL database engineered for the cloud. The combination of big data and cloud computing has broken the legacy database, creating an industry transition to new scale-out database platforms. Clustrix has delivered on a complete reinvention of the relational database, and the result is a highly differentiated platform that is ideal for the industry transition to cloud computing.

With so much data today, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is often how well they leverage their data. Significant leverage equals significant business value, and that's a big advantage over the competition.

You can't hide from complexity. It's everywhere—from new technologies and rapidly evolving consumer expectations, to the shifting role IT plays in every business.

Development and production teams often work in silos, with separate tools and measures of success, and warring tensions between change and stability. Many of us have experienced firsthand how this fundamental tension underlies—and often undermines—IT initiatives. Development wants continuous change and enhancement. Production and operations want stability and controlled change. Finding a way to focus all IT teams on working together toward the common goal of business success is critical.

The business world depends on data. Continuent's Tungsten software offers a database-as-a-service that gives cost-effective MySQL databases the enterprise-class clustering and replication required by business-critical applications. Continuent Tungsten provides 24x7 data availability, performance scaling, and simple management without risky application changes or database upgrades. Continuent Tungsten operates at a fraction of the cost of commercial DBMS servers like Oracle and MS SQL Server.

Scott Hayes is an IBM DB2 LUW Performance Expert, IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant, IBM Information Management Champion, US patent inventor, published author, blogger on DB2 LUW performance topics, and popular frequent speaker at IBM IOD and IDUG Conferences. He started DBI Software in July 2005 with one simple mission: "Help People!" Eight years later, this simple mission is still DBI's #1 core value, though Mr. Hayes admits, "We are better at helping people with DB2 than their marriages or cars."

Embarcadero Technologies gives 97% of the world's top 2000 companies the tools needed to address the biggest challenges in data management. Facing significant growth in complexity, diversity and volume of enterprise data, companies worldwide are increasingly turning to data governance as a strategic solution. Helping our customers manage this complexity, and close the "governance gap" has been a major driver of innovation in our products.

Open source software has enjoyed a surge in interest and demand over the last two years for its quality and cost savings. Companies like VMware, Microsoft (Skype), Apple, and Facebook (Instagram) are using PostgreSQL, the open source database. Other PostgreSQL users include the Federal Aviation Administration, the US State Department, ABN Amro, Fujitsu, Sony-Ericsson, and Sony Online Entertainment.

At HiT Software, we know that fresh data is key to business success. Our clients rely on information about their systems, business units, customers or vendors that is no more than few hours, and often only a few minutes old. Reporting on seasonal pricing and promotions, or consumption of goods versus parts, or financial planning on interest earned all demand actionable data in real-time.

Infobright is proud to be selected for inclusion in the DBTA 100. Infobright's investigative analytic engine enables organizations to extract rich, real-time insight from machine-generated data at the speed of business. Specifically focused on the rapid analysis of volumes of information from Web logs, mobile data, call records, stock tickers, sensors and more, Infobright empowers organizations to ask all the questions they want, and get the detailed answers they need to make better, faster and more profitable decisions.

Economic recessions are to the business cycle as wild fires are to a forest. They are dangerous but necessary to clear the overgrowth around the stronger trees and promote new life. When the 2008 recession hit, the stronger companies began strategically adapting to survive. Investing in Business Intelligence ("BI") is one strategy that provides companies a way to look at their forest of data from a birds-eye view rather than through the trees. From this viewpoint, companies can identify their strengths and weaknesses and gain useful insights into their customers' needs.

Data is an enabler—and an inhibitor. It can yield tremendous insights and answers, but when it is in the wrong format, too big or changing too frequently, it becomes a resource-sink—of people, knowledge and technology. Tools need to evolve to eliminate data constraints.

For close to 30 years, I have been actively involved with the database community. From one of the first Oracle Database Administrators, to President of the Independent Oracle Users Group; from one of the Founders of the Professional Association of SQL Server, to one of the original Oracle*Press authors; from Oracle ACE to VMware vExpert for database virtualization, I have seen an amazing succession of changes take place in our industry.

Within today's ever-changing landscape of technology and consumer requirements, it can be difficult to understand what solutions are relevant for your data management needs. Wading through the hype of new solutions that can accomplish everything has taken up precious time and energy from the leadership of established organizations. Understanding how to implement the right tool for the job is not as simple as it seems and in many cases, it's best to take into consideration the advantages of utilizing proven technologies to drive the most value from your solution stack.

Percona makes MySQL faster and more reliable for nearly 2,000 customers worldwide. Founded in 2006 to provide MySQL Consulting services, we've grown rapidly with the addition of MySQL Support, Remote DBA, Training, and Server Development services. Our global workforce of nearly 100 now provides 24x7, worldwide coverage to our customer base of leading MySQL users.

Big Data has changed the game for all of us. The performance and expertise required to manage and use the ever-increasing flow of data into our companies have effectively sidelined older technologies. A new generation of data analytics tools is emerging; built to scale without losing performance, able to incorporate more data from diverse sources in disparate formats, and deliver high confidence results in our on demand world.

Today's IT professionals are faced with a number of critical challenges, including rolling out mobile solutions to their employees and contractors, delivering 100% uptime, and seamlessly integrating solutions from many vendors—all while keeping costs under control. That's where Rocket Software can really bring value to organizations that rely on MultiValue databases for their mission-critical work.

The volume and diversity of information being exchanged in both structured and unstructured formats in the enterprise has shifted the center of gravity for data from on-premises to cloud architectures. In order to take advantage of the market opportunities that this Golden Age of data has offered, many organizations are innovating in the form of SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, because of its inherent benefits of speedy procurement, on-demand installation, portability to any device, efficient utilization of compute, network and storage resources and the ability to consume and repurpose use on demand.

Our vision is simple - to transform the way in which real-time data are processed. Businesses want to drive latency out of their operations. Machine data generated by their servers, networks and sensors contain valuable insights into transactions, performance and fraud for example, but is only useful if acted on in real-time. However, achieving this using today's IT technology is like driving using only your rear view mirror - you'll never see what's coming until it's too late!

Customers across a wide variety of industries know analyzing Big Data is critical to sustain competitiveness. More importantly, they are quickly realizing that traditional architectures won't help them, especially when it comes to integrating data - what we commonly know as ETL.

Terracotta, Inc. is the leading provider of game changing high-volume, high-value Big Data management solutions for Global enterprises. Its flagship product, BigMemory, is a Big Data in-memory solution that delivers performance at any scale. Terracotta's other award-winning data management solutions include Ehcache—the defacto caching standard for enterprise Java—and Quartz—a leading job scheduler.

It's become clear to me that the Business Intelligence (BI) market is undergoing a period of significant change. Organizations now realize the potential and value of empowering people—throughout the enterprise—with the ability to take better, faster fact-based action.

There is an emerging field of companies looking to take on the challenges presented by the roiling tide of big data. While their visions vary, each has identified a market need that it believes its technology uniquely addresses. Here, DBTA highlights the approaches of 10 companies we think are worth watching.

As a leader in the data modeling space, CA ERwin is privileged to be an integral part of organizations' key strategic initiatives such as business intelligence and analytics, data governance, or data quality—many of which revolve around data. At CA Technologies, we understand that data runs your business, and we've put a strong focus on developing a solution that can act as an "information hub" for these initiatives.

Seamless accessfor data analysis across heterogeneous data sources represents ‘the holy grail' within mainstream enterprises. Designed for Big Data processing and performance at scale, Cirro is a revolutionary approach to bridging corporate analytic data silos. Hadoop and NoSQL data sources along with access of SaaS data sources are rapidly becoming a high priority requirement to integrate with traditional corporate analytic data sources. Cirro's Next Generation Data Fed¬eration platform delivers on this requirement providing a single point-of-access for Hadoop, NoSQL, SaaS, relational and other data sources. Cirro enables users to access all of their data sources with the BI and visualization tools they already have on their desktops. Seamlessly incorporating cloud-based data sources with traditional data sources enables self-service data exploration and analysis previously unavailable in the marketplace.