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Business Intelligence and Analytics

The world of Business Intelligence and Analytics is evolving quickly. Increasingly, the emphasis is on real-time Business Intelligence to enable faster decision making, and on Data Visualization, which enables data patterns to be seen more clearly. Key technologies involved in preparing raw data to be used for Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytics – including ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), CDC (Change Data Capture), and Data Deduplication – support a wide range of goals within organizations.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Articles

IBM recently announced automated quality reporting tools to help IT developers and managers detect problems before they happen in System z, Power Systems and distributed environments.

Posted October 17, 2011

Noetix Corp., a provider of business intelligence software and services for enterprise applications, has introduced NoetixViews for Oracle E-Business Suite version 6.1 which includes new views and key performance, security, and administration enhancements for improved operational reporting. For Noetix customers who have created parent-child hierarchies for use in Oracle Financial Statement Generator (FSG) reports, the latest release of NoetixViews now extends these hierarchies to the customer's BI tool of choice via Noetix Generator.

Posted October 11, 2011

arcplan Teams Up with Simba Technologies to Bring Oracle Customers OLAP Analysis with MDXarcplan, a provider of business intelligence, dashboard, corporate performance and planning software solutions for desktop and mobile use, and Simba Technologies Inc., an expert on data connectivity, have announced a partnership that will connect Simba's MDX Provider for Oracle OLAP with arcplan 7 to simplify access to real-time business critical information and reduce IT costs and complexity. The offering will be available in mid-October with the latest version of arcplan Enterprise 7.

Posted October 05, 2011

Jaspersoft, a maker of business intelligence (BI) software, has released Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite 4.2 featuring mobile BI capabilities designed to make applications easier to build for developers and easier to use for executives and managers on the move. Jaspersoft 4.2 delivers what the company describes as the industry's first open source mobile BI iOS software development kit (SDK) for embedding BI in native mobile applications as well as for building native mobile BI applications. Jaspersoft 4.2 also includes a full-featured, touch-screen BI environment accessible through a mobile browser for rapid deployment.

Posted October 04, 2011

Ingres Corp. has been rebranded as Actian Corporation and unveiled a new strategy to enable companies to develop Action Apps which it describes as lightweight, consumer-style applications that automate business actions triggered by real-time changes in data. "The name change is symbolic of a completely new approach," Greg Wood, Actian CFO, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Ingres is becoming Actian to take action on big data, powered by VectorWise, the world's fastest data analytics engine."

Posted October 04, 2011

ParAccel, a provider of a high performance analytic database, and MicroStrategy, a provider of business intelligence software, have announced that they have extended their strategic partnership. The alliance builds upon a recent announcement that ParAccel's analytic acceleration technology will be a core component of MicroStrategy's social media analytics applications as well as a high performance option for MicroStrategy Cloud customers. To support these applications, ParAccel has invested dedicated resources, provided comprehensive access to its software, and committed to delivering specific product enhancements that will optimize the integration of ParAccel's analytic engine with MicroStrategy's products and offerings.

Posted October 04, 2011

A new survey of contact center leaders reveals that the average amount of idle time per day per employee is nearly an hour, as respondents report 49 minutes daily per agent on average. Knowlagent, provider of an agent productivity solution for 10 million call center agents, has released this and other findings from its 2011 Customer Contact Center Productivity Survey. Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, conducted the survey in August, which included input from 312 contact center executives, managers or supervisors. The Knowlagent survey sought to understand contact center management's biggest challenges, and how they are leveraging technology, measuring productivity and performance, and delivering training.

Posted September 29, 2011

At SAP TechEd 2011 in Las Vegas, SAP AG announced two new solutions built on SAP HANA, the company's in-memory computing platform. The two new solutions - SAP Smart Meter Analytics software powered by SAP HANA and SAP COPA Accelerator software - were developed by SAP product and design teams working in collaboration with customers. According to SAP the new applications will provide users with real-time insight into "big data," allowing them to leverage large amounts of information for analysis, planning, and forecasting and simulations in a more fluid, natural way versus traditional approaches.

Posted September 28, 2011

As companies learn to embrace "big data" - terabytes and gigabytes of bits and bytes, strung across constellations of databases - they face a new challenge: making the data valuable to the business. To accomplish this, data needs to be brought together to give decision makers a more accurate view of the business.

Posted September 21, 2011

Ingres, an open source database provider, has begun shipping VectorWise for Windows, intended to address analytics requirements within Microsoft technology shops. This latest release of VectorWise provides analytics and interactive reporting against big data sets for companies with Windows-based architectures.

Posted September 06, 2011

Versant Corporation, a provider of specialized data management software, has released a new object database that delivers improved performance and scalability. Versant Object Database 8.0 Service Release 2 (VOD 8 SR2) is designed to provide scalable real-time analytical performance for large, complex applications. SR2 adds several enhancements, including an improved query optimizer now supporting compound indexes, a refined horizontal scale out with support of distributed databases, upgraded production environments due to new online database configuration capabilities, and general multi-core performance improvements.

Posted September 06, 2011

SAS, a provider of business analytics software and services, has formed a strategic agreement with MeLLmo, creator of Roambi software, to be the exclusive worldwide provider of Roambi ES for SAS. The agreement enables delivery of mobile BI to enterprises worldwide with Roambi ES for SAS software and SAS Enterprise BI Server. SAS, a provider of business analytics software and services, has formed a strategic agreement with MeLLmo, creator of Roambi software, to be the exclusive worldwide provider of Roambi ES for SAS. The agreement enables delivery of mobile BI to enterprises worldwide with Roambi ES for SAS software and SAS Enterprise BI Server. "We have had a lot of interest from existing customers who have tremendous BI assets that they want to make more broadly available," Lisa Pappas, product marketing manager at SAS, tells 5 Minute Briefing, who emphasized that mobile access to business intelligence is one of the key ways to increase adoption.

Posted September 06, 2011

Calpont Corporation, a provider of analytic databases has announced a a bi-directional data connector between InfiniDB and Hadoop. By providing a bi-directional connector for InfiniDB customers, Calpont says, it eliminates the need to custom code Hadoop for high performance analytics since InfiniDB's columnar architecture is optimized for rapid and easy access to highly dimensional data and has the flexibility, scale and horsepower to work with massive data sets. "For doing high-performance analytics, a high-performance database like InfiniDB is the proper database to be doing the analytics in," Nick Ochoa, vice president of marketing, Calpont, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted September 01, 2011

InterSystems Corporation has announced that application partner Medical Systems, Inc. (MSI) is launching an application for community health centers (CHCs) built on the InterSystems Caché high-performance object database. The new version of Vision:CHC is a comprehensive offering that includes the full range of facilities needed for CHCs to fulfill Meaningful Use and Patient-centered Medical Home criteria. "Modern community health centers exist in an environment requiring multiple levels of regulatory and reporting requirements on a federal, state and often local level," Matt Nee, InterSystems vice president of North American Sales, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted August 30, 2011

HP and Autonomy Corporation plc have announced plans for HP (through an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, HP SPV) to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Autonomy for £25.50 ($42.11) per share in cash. "Together with Autonomy, we plan to reinvent how both unstructured and structured data is processed, analyzed, optimized, automated and protected. Autonomy has an attractive business model, including a strong cloud-based solution set, which is aligned with HP's efforts to improve our portfolio mix," said Léo Apotheker, HP president and chief executive officer, in a statement issued by the company.

Posted August 23, 2011

InterSystems Corporation has announced that Partners HealthCare Systems is now providing clinicians throughout its integrated delivery network (IDN) with mobile access to its electronic health record (EHR). The InterSystems CACHÉ high-performance object database is the foundation platform for Partners HealthCare's EHR and for hundreds of clinical applications used by thousands of clinicians throughout the IDN. "Mobility is becoming a watchword in the healthcare sector," observes Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of Strategic Planning. "The Partners mEHR provides clinicians with the ultimate in mobility by delivering the information they want, when and where they want it, in the presentation form that they want and expect."

Posted August 09, 2011

InetSoft Technology, a provider of data mashup driven dashboard and reporting solutions, and Management Systems International (MSI), experts in financial planning and reporting, have announced a joint solution for interactive dashboard reporting on top of a financial consolidation and information management platform. The joint solution is intended to enable multinational firms using diverse ERP and financial systems to be able to visually understand and explore their financial data in order to manage their financial operations more efficiently.

Posted August 09, 2011

Oracle's S. Ramakrishnan, group vice president and general manager for Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications, was in New York last week to provide an update on how financial services institutions are leveraging tailored technology from Oracle - including the recently announced Oracle Financial Services Data Warehouse - to manage the complex information needed to compete profitably and effectively address stringent regulatory requirements.

Posted August 04, 2011

Jaspersoft, a business intelligence software provider, has released an open source business intelligence design environment for Eclipse. Jaspersoft Studio is intended to provide a platform that enables Eclipse Java developers to build, secure, and share BI reports for free.

Posted August 02, 2011

Tableau Software, a provider of business intelligence software, has announced the general availability of Tableau 6.1. "This is the first version of Tableau that is optimized for mobile devices and in particular, the iPad," Francois Ajenstat, director, Product Management, Tableau Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Organizations of all sizes are increasingly getting their analytics on the go so they can make better decisions wherever they are. We are trying to make that kind of delivery extremely easy."

Posted August 02, 2011

Expanding its existing product portfolio, Informatica Corporation now offers Universal Data Replication, giving customers more options to meet their business continuity, big data and operational data integration needs. A part of the Informatica Platform, Informatica's new data replication technology includes Informatica Fast Clone which automates the cloning of application data and Informatica Data Replication which manages the capture, routing and delivery of high-volume transaction data across diverse systems in real time with minimal source system impact.

Posted August 02, 2011

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world's largest user knowledgebase for Oracle Applications users, is launching the OAUG Educational Series 2011, a virtual learning series offered to OAUG members from Aug. 8-19, featuring the most popular presentations from the COLLABORATE 11 - OAUG Forum.

Posted July 25, 2011

Naïve approaches to business intelligence will occasionally trap designers as they juggle operational data stores and data warehouses. The trap results from an honest endeavor to simplify designs and increase consistency throughout the solution. Under the umbrella of consistency a designer may plan for a reference table used for operational look-ups to perform a second service as a star schema dimensional table. Some or all reference tables then are declared by fiat to also be dimensions. While on a superficial level there are similarities between dimension tables and more normalized look up or reference tables, fundamentally these two concepts are separate things.

Posted July 07, 2011

As the economy shifts to expansion mode, and businesses start hiring again, a familiar challenge is rearing its head. Companies are scrambling to find the talent needed to effectively run, maintain, and expand their technology platforms. This is not a new problem by any means, but this time around, it is taking on a greater urgency, as just about every organization relies on information technology to be competitive and responsive to growth opportunities. A new survey of 376 employers finds a majority depend on the educational sector - universities and colleges - to provide key IT skills, often in conjunction with their own internal training efforts. However, few of the executives and managers hiring out of colleges are entirely satisfied with the readiness of graduates.

Posted July 07, 2011

Media Services Group (MSGL) a developer of integrated publishing and event management software, has formed a partnership with Entrinsik to offer MSGL clients Informer Web Reporting, Entrinsik's web-based reporting and analysis solution.

Posted July 07, 2011

Kognitio today launched a new family of data warehouse appliances designed to let companies choose the model best suited to their specific data analysis speed and volume needs. "We have always offered a software-only database prepackaged on industry-standard hardware as an appliance for a turnkey solution. What we are doing today is basically giving customers more choice," Sean Jackson, vice president of marketing, Kognitio, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Kognitio has named the three new appliance varieties Rapids, Rivers and Lakes - which the company says are metaphors for the variety of performance and capacity issues that customers must consider.

Posted June 29, 2011

Vertica, an HP company, has announced the availability of Vertica 5.0, the latest version of the MPP columnar Vertica Analytics Platform. Vertica 5.0 offers a new software development kit (SDK) that provides the ability to customize and insert customer- and use case-specific query logic into the Vertica database for fully parallel execution. "The three tenets of Vertica have been its speed, scalability and simplicity and we have continued to further the industry-leading aspects of all three of those tenets of the system," Scott Howser, vice president of product marketing, HP Vertica, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted June 29, 2011

Pentaho, a provider of business intelligence software, announced a new release of its business intelligence toolset that incorporates interactive reporting and enhanced visualizations for business end users. Pentaho BI 4 Enterprise Edition includes an interactive, web-based report designer that provides more intuitive report-building capabilities for non-technical business users to serve their own reporting requirements without relying on IT. Pentaho BI 4 also includes a new visual interface designed to make BI more appealing and consumable by all users from developers, to power users, to non-technical business users. To a large extent, Pentaho BI 4 functions as an enterprise data mash-up tool, but with greater front-end capabilities, Ian Fyfe, chief technology evangelist for Pentaho, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted June 28, 2011

Representing a continued expansion of its big data analytics portfolio, IBM has introduced a new addition to the Netezza product family of analytics appliances that is designed to help organizations uncover patterns and trends from extremely large data sets. The appliance is the first to be delivered by IBM since it acquired Netezza in November 2010. According to IBM, using the new appliance, businesses can now more easily sift through petabytes of data, including banking and mobile phone transactions, insurance claims, electronic medical records, and sales information, and they can also analyze this information to reveal new trends on consumer sentiment, product safety, and sales and marketing effectiveness. "This new appliance takes the scalability to a completely new dimension," says Razi Raziuddin, senior director of product management at IBM Netezza.

Posted June 24, 2011

EMC Corporation, a provider of storage and infrastructure solutions, announced it will be shipping a data warehouse appliance that leverages the Apache Hadoop open-source software used for data-intensive distributed applications. The company's high-performance, data co-processing Hadoop appliance - the Greenplum HD Data Computing Appliance - integrates Hadoop with the EMC Greenplum Database, allowing the co-processing of both structured and unstructured data within a single solution. EMC also says the solution will run either Hadoop-based EMC Greenplum HD Community Edition or EMC Greenplum HD Enterprise Edition software.

Posted June 24, 2011

Composite Software has introduced Composite 6, a new version of its flagship data virtualization software that provides "big data" integration support for the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), IBM Netezza and HP Vertica data sources. In addition, Composite 6, which is now completing beta test and will be commercially available in July, includes performance optimizations, cache enhancements, new data governance capabilities and ease-of-use features. "Data virtualization is emerging as an ideal solution for managing today's complex data integration challenges," says Jim Green, CEO for Composite Software.

Posted June 24, 2011

Informatica Corporation has announced the Informatica 9.1 Platform, which the company says is the first unified data integration platform that can take advantage of the potential of big data. Informatica 9.1 for big data enables "the data-centric enterprise" by providing four critical capabilities: big data integration, authoritative and trustworthy data, self-service, and adaptive data services. In addition to higher levels of data flowing into and being created by organizations than ever before which is often referred to as "big data," there is also "big velocity" and "big variety" of information, observes James Markarian, CTO of Informatica.

Posted June 24, 2011

HP has unveiled a new suite of software which it says is designed to rationalize, measure and improve IT performance called the HP IT Performance Suite. The suite provides CIOs insight from across a comprehensive range of solutions to manage and optimize application development, infrastructure and operations management, security, information management, and financial planning and administration. Each product in the HP Software portfolio improves the performance of the discrete IT functions addressed, while a new IT Executive Scorecard helps technology executives optimize overall IT investments and outcomes.

Posted June 24, 2011

OpenText has announced the release of a new version of OpenText Integration Center featuring an enhanced, native connector to OpenText ECM Suite 2010. Helping customers better leverage their structured and unstructured content, OpenText Integration Center unifies access to multiple sources of disparate information from OpenText ECM Suite for applications such as business systems integration, legacy decommissioning, in-place content management and content migration. OpenText Information Center 8.0 inherently understands both the unstructured world and the unstructured world to bring together information for a complete view of the business, Janet Luisser, senior program manager, connectivity, at OpenText, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted June 22, 2011

Is the day of reckoning for big data upon us? To many observers, the growth in data is nothing short of incomprehensible. Data is streaming into, out of, and through enterprises from a dizzying array of sources-transactions, remote devices, partner sites, websites, and nonstop user-generated content. Not only are the data stores resulting from this information driving databases to scale into the terabyte and petabyte range, but they occur in an unfathomable range of formats as well, from traditional structured, relational data to message documents, graphics, videos, and audio files.

Posted June 22, 2011

ParAccel, Inc., an analytic platform provider, announced the latest version of its flagship technology which introduces analytic integration for a wide range of analytic tools and data sources. ParAccel Analytic Database 3.1 (PADB 3.1) enables organizations to combine all internal and external data sources, both structured and unstructured, into analysis work."Analytic integration delivers new applications and analytic capabilities to our customers," says Tarun Loomba, chief marketing officer of ParAccel, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Posted June 21, 2011

Entrinsik has announced that R&R Insurance Services, one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in the Midwest, has selected Informer. R&R was struggling to extract information and capture specific data within their AMS360 database. It needed a reporting solution that would allow it to create, save and distribute custom reports without the need to continually recreate the reports from scratch.

Posted June 21, 2011

Infobright has announced Infobright 4.0, a database with built-in intelligence for fast analysis of machine-generated data, including sources ranging from web, network and computer logs, to data from online gaming, social networks, sensors, satellites, and financial transaction feeds. Infobright is focused on providing an analytics database that is optimized for machine-generated data, and in most cases, users are seeking almost real-time access to the data to slice and dice it, as opposed to end-of-day reporting, Susan Davis, vice president of product management and marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Machine-generated data which is being created 24x7 not only represents the fastest-growing category of big data, but it also represents great potential value to customers as well, says Davis.

Posted June 14, 2011

CiRBA Inc., a provider of data center analytics software, says it will soon be offering new cloud planning analytics that streamline and improve decision-making processes around cloud migration. To be made available with CiRBA Version 6.2, these new analytics will help support organizations in determining how to set up their internal cloud environments, as well as determine the optimal environment, placement, instance size and software profile to migrate individual workloads to."Cloud migration planning can be far more complex than pure virtualization planning, partly due to the added variables of instance sizing and costs, but primarily because policies take on an even more critical role in the decision of where to place workloads," says Andrew Hillier, co-founder and CTO of CiRBA.

Posted June 13, 2011

One of the things I repeatedly encounter when speaking to database professionals working with Microsoft SQL Server is that many of them simply don't know about some of the most elementary and fundamental means of investigating SQL Server performance. For example, I recently created a popular poster for Quest Software that shows all of the most meaningful and useful Windows Performance Monitor (PerfMon) counters. Now friends, PerfMon has been with us since Windows NT Server, and yet, PerfMon counters are a mystery to at least half of the DBAs I meet. Half!

Posted June 08, 2011