DBTA 100 - 2014

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Trends and Applications

Appfluent's data usage analytics deliver in-depth visibility into data warehouse and business intelligence systems. Customers gain powerful insights on exactly which data is being used or not used, what users access the data and when it is used. Armed with this actionable information, organizations can map out a plan for a successful move to Hadoop.

Attivio believes it shouldn't take software three years to deliver business impact. We are focused on providing our clients tangible results in 90 days. It's a complete 180 for the software industry and Big Data deployments.

Bradmark Technologies is proud to currently hold the position as the #1 reseller of SAP Database and Technology products in North America. Supporting leading IT organizations worldwide that demand high availability and performance, Bradmark strives to be the "go-to", full-service provider for SAP database and technology users, offering a full set of SAP database products (ASE, IQ, Replication Server or SAP HANA), best-in-class database monitoring solutions, and consultingservices.

Businesses today are demanding more timely access to data to drive competitive advantage. Cirro seamlessly incorporates Hadoop, SaaS, NoSQL and traditional data sources to enable self-service data exploration and analysis previously unavailable in the marketplace. All without the cost, overhead and time of traditional ETL and data virtualization approaches.

One of our goals at Cisco Systems is to help our customers respond to ongoing market transitions. Three very prevalent trends occurring today are big data, cloud and the widening distribution of data sources. These trends provide IT with greater flexibility when storing and managing data. But they challenge business when accessing and analyzing data from across this distributed data landscape.

Big data presents a tremendous opportunity for enterprises across industries. With Cloudera, customers can now easily handle the rapidly increasing data volume and variety they face, addressing a growing share of data and workloads from legacy infrastructure while optimizing the efficiency of those existing systems.

CodeFutures is a leading provider of agile Big Data and streaming technologies. Their vision is to enable an agile approach to Big Data processing—transforming static database repositories into a flexible and dynamic data infrastructure. This approach reduces the heavyweight, rigid and limiting capabilities of accessing and using data by traditional means, opening an entire new set of opportunities for organizations.

Since the introduction of mainframe application fault management solution Abend-AID in 1977, Compuware has been optimizing technology performance, as well as developer productivity, for nearly four decades.

In order to build advantage, or merely stay relevant, businesses today must have an IT strategy that supports the future of big data. That strategy must include NoSQL. Couchbase provides the world's most complete, most scalable and best performing NoSQL database: Couchbase Server.

With the enormous volume of data being collected now, database management is becoming more critical for every enterprise. With more than 350 DBAs we deliver 24x7 so you don't have to on your own. Datavail's delivery model—the most proven in the industry—allows you to use as much or as little as you need to meet your objectives.

DBI's secret sauce is patented technology combined with a bullet-proof methodology that delivers real, positively impactful, measurable ROI within days. DBI's PureFeat Performance Management Suite for DB2 LUW brings performance inefficiencies, issues, and solutions to light that other tools and scripts don't find, usually within five mouse clicks!

Delphix is the market leader in Agile Data, which helps industry-leading companies, including Facebook, eBay, Walmart, and Comcast, deliver critical application projects on time and on quality. In the last year, the company released a new product designed to help customers overcome the challenges of data center modernization - the Delphix Modernization Engine.

With Denodo, business strategists, CIOs and other IT experts can plan the implementation of a shared data layer across the enterprise, expose a common data model and a unified interface over a multiplicity of diverse data sources that can feed and support an increasing number of business applications, from BI and analytics to portals, operational applications and web and mobile apps.Big corporations in almost all verticals worldwide are using our technology today.

Embarcadero Technologies provides industry-leading database architecture and management tools to enable our customers to build and manage some of the largest and most complex data models on the planet. With big data continuing to grow exponentially, Embarcadero customers have mastered management of the world's largest relational databases, and some have now begun to embrace innovative data management technologies.

EMC is the Leader in Helping Oracle Customers Redefine IT. With cloud-enabled infrastructure EMC helps Oracle customers consolidate databases and standardize IT infrastructure, while maximizing quality of service for Oracle database environments.

In the field of unstructured data, Empolis Smart Information Management is taking on a new pivotal role as a crossover technology. It facilitates the high-quality analysis of large quantities of unstructured data and the intelligent processing of information in a way that is easy on resources while also making the information useful for relevant business processes.

This constant influx of machine-generated data and the increasing complexity of queries, particularly ad hoc queries, requires companies to rethink their infrastructure for data capture, storage and analysis. Infobright delivers a high performance analytic database platform that serves as a key underlying infrastructure for big data analytics and The Internet of Things.

Since 1978, InterSystems has been developing database, analytics and integration technologies that work across disparate systems to deliver insight. InterSystems has the advanced technology to ingest large data volumes, regardless of data model, and to enable ad-hoc SQL queries across any of the Big Data paradigms as if they were one database—with scalable performance.

Competition is vital to an economy as it ensures the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible prices. While this is good for consumers, it puts pressure on businesses to continue to be innovative and efficient. For the past 15 years, Kore Technologies has helped its clients become better competitors in the market.

MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified big data platform.

Nearly 30 years ago, Melissa Data recognized that contact data management was a driving force behind business success. Our goal was clear—a commitment to data quality solutions to improve organizations' overall business operations around the world through data verification and enrichment.

In the late 90's, I recognized that the Internet made it possible for a company to provide high quality DBA services to anyone in the world from Boston in a safe and secure manner. Ntirety, a pioneer of Remote DBA Services (RDBA), is the direct result of that recognition.

With the advent of a Durable Distributed Cache architecture, like NuoDB, it is now possible to build global systems with SQL transactional semantics, ondemand capacity and the ability to run web-scale applications without missing a beat. This architecture also enables elastic scalability, resilience to failure and geo-distribution.

Objectivity Inc.'s embedded database software helps you discover and unlock the hidden value in your Big Data for improved real-time intelligence and decision support. Unlike other solutions, Objectivity focuses on storing, managing and searching the connection details between data.

Today's application development projects are driven by data integration, big data, mobility and data analytics challenges, and most businesses do not have the time or resources to manage each of these separately. Using Progress technology, you can manage all of these components from one single platform, making application development, deployment and management quick and simple.

The #1 Big Data Platform in the Cloud, founded by the creators of Apache Hive and former managers of Facebook's big data infrastructure team.

RainStor, the big data database that guarantees 90% reduction in your storage footprint, has been involved in Big Data since 2008, well before the popularization of Hadoop. Interestingly this was driven by the requirements of telecommunications providers managing 10s of billions of records per day and storing petabytes of data—they were bursting at the seams!

Who is Revelation Software? Revelation Software is the creator of OpenInsight, a database and application development toolkit.

Thousands of companies worldwide rely on Rocket Software's MultiValue databases—UniData, UniVerse, D3, and mvBase—to host their mission-critical applications. Like other NoSQL databases, they provide low administration, flexible schema management and quick, easy development.

Enterprise IT organizations today are facing a dilemma—their legacy integration technologies were built before the era of big data, social, mobile and cloud (SMAC) computing and simply can't keep up.

New and emerging companies are targeting their efforts on technologies to help customers improve data management processes and get more value from their data.

We call ourselves an "Enterprise NoSQL database" because we have the ability to handle the volume, variety, and velocity of data, AND we have the necessary features to run at the heart of an organization. Investment banks, healthcare organizations, and major publishers all bet their business on us because we have the features they cannot live without.

ParStream's Database for Real-time Analytics is built from the ground up to handle substantial amounts of Fast Data. ParStream is able to provide lighting fast and interactive results on both structured and semi-structured data, allowing businesses to gain immediate insights from their data.