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CoreSite Realty Corp. has announced on-demand connectivity to Oracle Cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect on the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange. Architected to meet the needs of the enterprise, Oracle Cloud is a Generation 2 enterprise cloud that delivers compute and networking performance and a portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, AI, and blockchain.

Posted September 09, 2020

Even the best DevOps initiatives can fall victim to data bottlenecks, from challenges provisioning data quickly and easily, to synchronizing application and database changes and, in some cases, a serious lack of cooperation between developers and database administrators.

Posted September 08, 2020

Moogsoft, a provider of artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps), is partnering with Orange Business Services, a network-native digital services company, to streamline incident management and help prevent outages for Orange enterprise customers. A new virtual network operations center (NOC) solution based on the Moogsoft AIOps Platform allows IT teams within Orange customers' organizations to operate virtually and collaboratively.

Posted September 08, 2020

The database world is in tumult these days. There are new requirements and new capabilities that organizations are adopting and integrating into their data persistence infrastructure all the time. The world is no longer relational/SQL-only. Organizations are adopting NoSQL database systems to support specific use cases and types of workloads. This is increasing the complexity of how data is managed. But it is not just NoSQL that is driving organizations to run multiple DBMSs. Many organizations have more than one relational DBMS. They may run Db2 on the mainframe and Linux, Oracle on UNIX, and SQL Server on Windows, and perhaps have a few MySQL instances, too. And DBAs are managing a lot of different database instances.

Posted September 08, 2020

The role of cloud computing in today's enterprises continues to accelerate, fueled by both market pressures to compete more aggressively against digital-savvy competitors and, more recently, by the COVID-19 crisis, which has prompted a massive shift to digital work and consumer engagement. While it's clear that cloud computing has a vital role to play in supporting new and existing applications, it presents difficult choices for data managers.

Posted September 08, 2020

iProov is releasing a system of global threat intelligence for biometric assurance, protecting organizations and individuals from the growing threat of AI-driven cyber-attacks, including deepfakes. The iProov Security Operations Centre (iSOC) combines technology, process and people to monitor and manage the rapidly evolving landscape of biometric cyber-crime.

Posted September 04, 2020

dunnhumby, a provider of software for customer data science, has launched a new web-based application on Microsoft Azure, enabling data scientists to deliver customer insights faster. dunnhumby Model Lab is designed to solve complex retail challenges, such as understanding customer churn and predicting propensity to purchase and in what channel, in store versus online. With these capabilities, the tool helps retailers and brands build loyalty and profitability by focusing on the shopper experience.

Posted September 02, 2020

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, William Hardie, vice president of Oracle Database product management, outlined  the newest features and updates to Oracle Database. His presentation included a reminder of recent updates—particularly 19c—and an explanation of the features in the preview release of Oracle Database 20c. Each of the latest features fits into Oracle's new mission statement: To help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.

Posted September 02, 2020

At Data Summit Connect 2020, DataStax VP Bryan Kirschner explained the consequences for organizations that generate and store data without developing a plan to leverage it. 

Posted August 26, 2020

Surviving and thriving with data science and machine learning means not only having the right platforms, tools and skills, but identifying use cases and implementing processes that can deliver repeatable, scalable business value. DBTA recently hosted a special roundtable webinar featuring Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger, VP of AI and data, Appen; Doug Freud, SAP platform and technology global center of excellence, VP of data science; and Robert Stanley, senior director, special projects, Melissa Informatics, who discussed new technologies and strategies for expanding data science and machine learning capabilities.

Posted August 26, 2020

The proliferation of data sources, types, and stores is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful, valuable information. The need for faster and smarter data integration capabilities is growing.  The need for faster and smarter data integration capabilities is growing.  At the same time, to deliver actual value, people need information they can trust—now more than ever during this COVID-19 pandemic—balancing data governance is absolutely essential.

Posted August 26, 2020

IBM has announced the next generation of its IBM POWER central processing unit (CPU) family: IBM POWER10. Designed to offer a platform to meet the needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing, the IBM POWER10 processor uses a design focused on energy efficiency and performance in a 7nm (nanometer) form factor with an expected improvement of up to 3x greater processor energy efficiency, workload capacity, and container density than the IBM POWER9 processor.

Posted August 24, 2020

Pepperdata, a provider of Big Data Performance solutions, has been certified on the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), giving users the flexibility to manage complex workloads across platforms. The Pepperdata solution provides real-time visibility for troubleshooting, debugging and planning and continuously tunes applications and infrastructure for optimal performance across the big data stack.

Posted August 20, 2020

At Data Summit Connect 2020, Elliott Ning, cloud advisor, Google, discussed pre-requisites for AI deployments and best practices for implementing them.

Posted August 17, 2020

At Data Summit Connect 2020, The AI-Powered Enterprise author and CEO of Earley Information Science, Seth Earley described how data can help organizations understand their customers' experience. 

Posted August 13, 2020

The annual Data Summit conference went digital earlier this year, becoming Data Summit Connect. The online event in June featured live presentations by executives from leading IT organizations who engaged attendees with compelling presentations and spirited discussions on a variety of topics including data analytics and privacy, knowledge graphs, and AI and machine learning. The following are key points distilled from the 3-day webinar series.

Posted August 11, 2020

Data Summit Connect Fall 2020, a free series of data management and analytics webinars presented by DBTA and Big Data Quarterly, will take place October 20-22. With travel plans still on hold and in-person meetings difficult, it is more important than ever to stay connected and in touch with peers and industry experts, and also to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends.

Posted August 10, 2020

IBM and SAP are deepening their partnership with plans to develop several new offerings designed to create a more predictable journey for businesses to become data-driven intelligent enterprises. The Evolution Partnership initiative intends to deliver new intelligent industry solutions to enable end-to-end processes that help companies accelerate the modernization of systems and workflows.

Posted August 10, 2020

Sumo Logic, a  provider of continuous intelligence, has broadened the Sumo Logic Observability suite with new and expanded solutions to provide enterprises with a unified view of real-time analytics across application and infrastructure logs, metrics, traces and metadata. "Observability is the latest evolutionary step in methodology that DevOps and DevSecOps teams employ to deliver reliable digital services that, in turn, deliver best-in-class customer experience," said Bruno Kurtic, founding VP of Strategy and Solutions for Sumo Logic.

Posted August 06, 2020

BigPanda, Inc., provider of an Autonomous IT Operations platform, is expanding its partner program to address a growing demand from the market for event correlation, powered by AIOps. BigPanda's partner ecosystem comprises four segments: Value Added Resellers (VARs), strategic technology partners, Systems Integrators (SIs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). To guide the growth of each of these channels, BigPanda has hired two new Alliance Directors, Nisa Spyker, and Matt Biehler.

Posted August 06, 2020

Oracle has announced new features in Oracle Digital Assistant to enable customers to offer AI-powered voice assistant capabilities to their entire organization, without the complexity of language barriers. According to Oracle, AI-powered conversational interfaces are becoming mainstream staples for consumers and enterprise alike, as automation is a means for increasing scale and efficiency and accelerating efforts to digital. In addition, recent global events and challenges have forced a restructuring of how organizations work, and AI and digital assistants are fundamental to that transformation.

Posted August 05, 2020

Truera, provider of a model intelligence platform, is emerging from stealth to launch its technology solution that removes the "black box" surrounding machine learning (ML) and provides intelligence and actionable insights throughout the ML model lifecycle. The company also announced it has raised a $5.1-million first round of funding, led by Greylock with additional investors including Wing VC, Conversion Capital, and Aaref Hilaly.

Posted August 03, 2020

Terbine is offering subscriptions to its global IoT data trove, enabling the continually expanding index to provide fingertip access to sensor readings generated by infrastructure, transportation, meteorology, energy, logistics, and many other sectors.

Posted August 03, 2020

Fivetran, a provider of automated data integration software, has raised $100 million in Series C financing, enabling the company to accelerate global expansion, drive adoption in the enterprise market, and continue building out the depth and breadth of its data connectors.

Posted July 30, 2020

Compuware, a BMC company and provider of software for mainframe DevOps, has added new capabilities that further automate and integrate test data and test case execution, empowering IT teams to achieve high-performance application development quality, velocity and efficiency. The new integration tightly couples the Topaz for Enterprise Data solution with the Topaz for Total Test solution enabling test data set-up to be directly embedded into automated testing. By further automating shift-left testing—testing earlier in the software development process to detect and prevent flaws when they are easier and less expensive to fix—teams can ensure test data consistency, accuracy, and security.

Posted July 27, 2020

SAP is launching the SAP Fieldglass External Talent Marketplace, a solution that will help organizations quickly find and hire the temporary workers they need to support business continuity. The new solution is available at no charge in the United States through December 31, 2020.

Posted July 22, 2020

Siemens and SAP are forming a partnership that will leverage their industry expertise and bring together their complementary software solutions for product lifecycle, supply chain, and asset management. The partnership leverages expertise and technology of both companies to provide a true digital thread that helps enterprises eliminate process and information siloes, drives digitalization, and delivers a comprehensive solution for the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Posted July 22, 2020

At Data Summit Connect 2020, Elliott Ning, cloud advisor, Google, discussed how AI has replaced business intelligence as the key driver of strategic decision-making. There are four categories of analytics use case, Ning explained. First is descriptive analytics, like aggregating business data during a period of time. For example, getting information about total revenue from last month, last quarter, or last year.

Posted July 22, 2020

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, is launching a new initiative to use open source technologies to help public health authorities (PHAs) around the world combat COVID-19 and future epidemics. The new Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) initiative is launching with seven Premier members—Cisco,, Geometer, IBM, NearForm, Tencent, and VMware—and two hosted exposure notifications projects, COVID Shield and COVID Green, which are currently being deployed in Canada, Ireland, and several U.S. states.

Posted July 21, 2020

At Data Summit Connect 2020, Lee Rainie, director, internet and technology research, Pew Research Center, projected the future of information sharing online and its social, cultural, and economic impact as foreseen by analysts and experts surveyed by Pew Research.

Posted July 20, 2020

Syniti, a global data solution provider, is acquiring Virtyx Technologies, Inc., an innovative start-up that provides end-to-end AI-powered automatic monitoring and analytics for data transformation. The asset purchase, which encompasses the acquisition of Virtyx technology and the retention of the key Virtyx Engineering talent, will integrate Virtyx's industry-leading cloud-native and AI technology with Syniti's Knowledge Platform — creating a knowledge-driven software suite and enhancing Syniti's development and Engineering team.

Posted July 16, 2020

Privacera, a cloud data governance and security provider founded by the creators of Apache Ranger, is receiving $13.5 million in Series A funding to support the increasing demand for automated data security, privacy, and governance in the cloud. Co-founded by Balaji Ganesan and Don Bosco Durai, Privacera empowers enterprises to balance the dual mandate of data governance and security with data discovery, access control, and analytics.

Posted July 15, 2020

Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick Data is welcoming MANTA to the company's partner program, together offering a robust solution spanning data analytics, data governance, and digital transformation. Yellowbrick and MANTA share a commitment to helping enterprises get the most out of their data and data infrastructures.

Posted July 15, 2020

To help finance leaders innovate during a time that is for many presenting the biggest challenges of their careers, Oracle is adding updates to Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). The updates,  announced as the impact of COVID-19 crisis continues to be felt around the world, are intended to help finance teams leverage technologies including AI, digital assistants, and analytics to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls as they adapt to the current economic climate, explore new business models, improve strategic decision-making and begin the journey back to growth.

Posted July 15, 2020

NetApp, the leader in cloud data services, has completed its acquisition of Spot, a provider of compute management and cost optimization in the public clouds, helping to expand cloud services.Spot by NetApp delivers application-driven infrastructures (ADIs), cloud infrastructures that use analytics and machine learning to continuously adapt to the needs of applications, to help drive cloud resource optimization in real time, for both compute and storage.

Posted July 14, 2020

Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, is introducing Boomi Blueprint, a framework to ensure that customers' digital ambitions are realized and implemented effectively and efficiently, thus enabling them to achieve faster ROI. The framework includes leadership guidance, design practice, and implementation practices.                                  

Posted July 13, 2020

IBM has reached a definitive agreement to acquire a provider of robotic process automation (RPA) software, WDG Soluções Em Sistemas E Automação De Processos LTDA (WDG Automation). According to IBM, in today's digital era, companies are looking for new ways to create new business models, and deliver new services and lower costs, and that the need to drive this transformation is even greater now given the uncertainties of COVID-19.

Posted July 13, 2020

VMware announced the company intends to acquire Datrium, expanding the current VMware Site Recovery disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering with Datrium's cost-optimized DRaaS solution. In a blog post by John Gilmartin, senior vice president and general manager, cloud platform business unit, VMware, he explained that this move will help customers build hybrid clouds by combining the consistent infrastructure and operations of VMware Cloud with Datrium DRaaS to reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity.

Posted July 13, 2020

At Data Summit Connect 2020, The AI-Powered Enterprise author and CEO of Earley Information Science, Seth Earley discussed how to build data architectures with customer experience in mind. At the end of the day, it's about building that seamless customer experience, understanding that customer, getting them the right data and content in the right time, in the right format, Earley explained. 

Posted July 09, 2020

Tellius, the Guided Insights platform, is releasing Tellius On-Demand, an on-demand SaaS application for business users and analytics teams to quickly understand why metrics change in their data with machine learning automation.  

Posted July 08, 2020

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management provider, is acquring Compact Solutions LLC, expanding metadata management capabilities for the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, powered by the CLAIRE AI engine. The acquisition strengthens Informatica's abilities in metadata-driven AI and automation and extends capabilities that enable Informatica customers to catalog and govern virtually all types of enterprise data, including complex enterprise systems (e.g. mainframe), multi-vendor ETL, hand-coded scripts, and BI tools, in addition to databases, applications, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Posted July 07, 2020