DBTA 100 2014 - The Companies That Matter Most in Data

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Here, Database Trends and Applications magazine introduces the second annual “DBTA 100” list of companies that matter most in data. Data management challenges and opportunities have intensified over the past year. Big data continues to impact organizations as they seek to extract value from the large quantities of data flowing in from traditional and newer sources social media sites, blogs, sensors, meters, and transactional systems, to name just a few. Separately, although related, massive data growth has continued to put pressure on IT resources and budgets.

The confluence of trends affecting data growth and management was underscored by a recent study of 322 data managers and professionals conducted by Unisphere Research, a division of Information Today, Inc. The “Achieving Enterprise Data Performance: 2013 IOUG Database Growth Survey,” sponsored by Oracle, found that for many organizations data growth is in double digit ranges. In the survey, 41% of respondents reported a growth rate of more than 25% a year, and 17% of respondents reported a whopping growth rate of more than 50%.

There is the promise of big data—with its associated volume, variety, and velocity—but also just gross data growth —with data being duplicated for use by analytics platforms and tools, and for business protection backup and recovery, among other reasons. According to the survey, data is duplicated three or more times, providing a multiplying effect to data growth. Further exacerbating the situation, many companies retain data well beyond the 7-year legal requirement to meet compliance requirements, or in case of litigation.

While all this data is often described as a treasure trove, the reality is that there are challenges associated with efficiently and cost-effectively capturing, mining, storing, and securing it, while achieving necessary performance levels, and adhering to regulatory and internal company mandates. Increases in data variety, concerns about database performance, and the need to control data management costs were some of the main concerns expressed by survey respondents as a result of this data growth.

The sign post for many companies on the road to becoming a data-driven enterprise is “Under Construction.” Understanding the potential value as well as the hurdles presented by the proliferation of structured and unstructured information, IT companies are seeking to provide effective management, integration, and analysis techniques that will support the rapid delivery of information when it is needed, and in the way users want to consume it. Innovative open source and proprietary approaches are coming from well established vendors and newer companies. NewSQL, and NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases—including Key-Value, Graph, Column, and Document—as well as Hardtop distributions and related projects that provide enterprise features—are gaining ground. MultiValue technology(sometimes called the fifth NoSQL database) products as well are expanding with new integration sand capabilities. And, addressing the trend toward BYOD (bring your own device), organizations are seeking to provide greater security and options for multiplatform development. In addition, cloud approaches are increasingly providing the agility and efficiency demanded by the enterprise.

According to the “2013 Big Data Opportunities Survey,” conducted among the DBTA audience, more than two-fifths of 304 data managers and professionals said their organizations had some type of big data initiative underway, driven by a desire to improve internal processes and create new business processes and models. The Unisphere Researchsurvey, sponsored by SAP, found that the industries leading the way with big data initiatives include services and retail (61%), financial services and insurance (58%) and IT and tech (45%).

New approaches, however, are augmenting, not supplanting, relational database technologies. These systems are continuing to evolve and adapt to address changing customer needs. Vendors long recognized for their relational database and data warehouse technologies are adding capabilities to support unstructured data, cloud enablement, and real-time or near-real-time decision making.

With organizations increasingly seeking to become data-driven entities—companies that actually use the data they are amassing for competitive advantage—DBTA set out to recognize innovative providers of hardware, software, and services. Listed here and on the following pages, the 100 companies that matter in data comprises both seasoned veterans and disruptive new vendors. We encourage you to learn more about why these companies were chosen by visiting their websites.

In addition, in the View from the Top articles, sponsors provide special messages written by executives on why their companies stand out from the crowd.

Company NameTop ExecutiveExecutive Commentary
1010data, Inc.Sandy Steier, CEO & Co-Founder 
Actian Corp.Steve Shine, CEO & President 
Aerospike, Inc.Brian Bulkowski, Founder, CTO & Product President 
Alpine Data LabsJoe Otto, President & CEO, Inc.Jeffrey P. Bezos, Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board 
Appfluent TechnologyFrank Gelbart, President & CEOView from the Top
AttachmateKathleen Owens, President & General Manager—
Attachmate and Novell Business Units of The Attachmate Group
Attivio, Inc.Ali I. Riaz, CEO, President & Co-FounderView from the Top
Attunity Ltd.Shimon Alon, Chairman & CEO 
BackOffice AssociatesDavid Booth, President & CEO 
Basho Technologies, Inc.Adam Wray, CEO 
Birst, Inc.Jay Larson, CEO 
BMC Software, Inc.Robert E. Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO 
BradmarkC. Bradley Tashenberg, President & CEOView from the Top
CA TechnologiesMichael P. Gregoire, CEO 
CirroMark Theissen, CEOView from the Top
CiscoJohn T. Chambers, Chairman & CEOView from the Top
Cloudera, Inc.Tom Reilly, CEO View from the Top
Clustrix, Inc.Don Listwin, CEO & Chairman 
CodeFutures Corp.Cory Isaacson, CEOView from the Top
Compuware Corp.Bob Paul, CEOView from the Top
Confio Software, Part of the SolarWinds FamilyKevin Thompson, President & CEO, SolarWinds 
Continuent, Inc.Robert Hodges, CEO 
Couchbase, Inc.Bob Wiederhold, President & CEOView from the Top
DataStaxBilly Bosworth, CEO 
Datavail Corp.Mark Perlstein, President & CEOView from the Top
Datawatch Corp.Michael A. Morrison, President & CEOView from the Top
Datical Daniel Nelson, CEO 
DBI (Database-Brothers, Inc.) Scott Hayes, President & CEOView from the Top 
Dell, Inc.John A. Swainson, President, Software  
DelphixJedidiah Yueh, President & CEOView from the Top
Denodo Technologies Angel Viña, CEO & FounderView from the Top
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Wayne D. Williams, CEOView from the Top 
EMC Corp. Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman & CEO View from the Top
Empolis Information Management GmbHDr. Stefan Wess, CEOView from the Top
EnterpriseDB Corp. Ed Boyajian, President & CEO  
Entrinsik, Inc. Doug Leupen, President & CEO 
Gazzang, Inc. Larry Warnock, President & CEO 
GenieDB, Inc. Cary Breese, CEO 
Google, Inc.Larry Page, CEO & Co-Founder 
HadaptJustin Borgman, CEO & Co-Founder 
Hortonworks, Inc.Rob Bearden, CEO 
HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)Meg Whitman, President & CEO 
IBM (International Business Machines Corp.)Virginia M. (Ginni) Rometty, Chairman, President, & CEO 
Idera, Inc.Randy Jacops, CEO 
InfobrightDon DeLoach, President & CEOView from the Top
Informatica Corp.Sohaib Abbasi, Chairman & CEO 
InterSystemsPhillip T. (Terry) RagonView from the Top
Kognitio Jack Barnett, Executive Director 
Kore Technologies Ken Dickinson & Mark Dobransky, Co-Founders & Managing PartnersView from the Top
LexisNexis, A Member of Reed ElsevierMike Walsh, CEO 
Logi Analytics  Brett Jackson, President & CEO 
LucidWorksPaul Doscher, President & CEO 
Magnitude Software (formerly Kalido and Noetix Corp.)Nigel Turner, President 
MapR Technologies, Inc. John Schroeder, CEO & Co-Founder View from the Top
MarkLogic Corp. Gary Bloom, CEO & President View from the Top
McAfee—An Intel CompanyMichael DeCesare, President 
Melissa Data Corp.Raymond F. Melissa, President & Founder View from the Top
MemSQL, Inc. Eric Frenkiel, CEO & Co-Founder 
Microsoft Corp. Satya Nadella, CEO 
MicroStrategy, Inc.Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO  
MongoDB, Inc. Dwight Merriman, Chairman & Co-Founder 
Ntirety, a Division of HOSTINGMichael Corey, President, NtiretyView from the Top 
NuoDB, Inc.Barry Morris, CEO & Co-Founder View from the Top
Objectivity, Inc.John J. Jarrell, CEOView from the Top
Oracle Corp.Lawrence J. Ellison, CEO 
ParStream GmbHPeter M. Jensen, CEOView from the Top
Pentaho Corp.Quentin Gallivan, Chairman & CEO 
Percona, LLC Peter Zaitsev, Founder & CEO 
Pick Cloud, Inc.Mark Pick, President & CEO 
PivotalPaul Maritz, CEO 
Progress Software Corp.Phillip Pead, President & CEOView from the Top 
PythianPaul Vallée, Founder & Executive Chairman 
QlikLars Björk, CEO 
QuboleAshish Thusoo, Co-Founder and CEOView from the Top
RackspaceGraham Weston, Chairman, Co-Founder, & CEO 
RainStor, Inc.John Bantleman, CEOView from the Top
Red Gate Software Ltd. Simon Galbraith, CEO & Co-Founder 
Revelation SoftwareMike Ruane, President & CEOView from the Top
Revolution AnalyticsDave Rich, CEO  
Rocket Software, Inc.Andy Youniss, President & CEOView from the Top 
SAP AG Bill McDermott & Jim Hagemann Snabe, Co-CEOs 
SAS Institute, Inc.Jim Goodnight, CEO 
SiSense Amit Bendov, CEO & Board Member 
SnapLogic, Inc.Gaurav Dhillon, Chairman & CEOView from the Top
Software AG Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO, Chairman of the Board 
Splice MachineMonte Zweben, Co-Founder & CEO 
Splunk, Inc.Godfrey R. Sullivan, President, CEO, & Chairman 
SQL SentryGreg Gonzalez, President & CEO 
SQLstream, Inc.Damian Black, CEO 
Syncsort, Inc. Lonne Jaffe, CEO 
Tableau Software, Inc.Christian Chabot, CEO & Co-Founder 
TalendMike Tuchen, CEO 
Teradata Corp.Michael Koehler, President & CEO 
TIBCO Software, Inc.Vivek Ranadivé, Chairman & CEO 
TransLattice, Inc. Frank Huerta, CEO & Co-Founder 
Treasure Data Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO, CFO, & Co-Founder 
VoltDBBruce Reading, President & CEO  
WhereScapeMichael Whitehead, CEO & Founder 
YellowfinGlen Rabie, CEO & Co-Founder 

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